New Performance Projects > Flash is a butoh and hip-hop duet with legendary choreographer-dancer Rennie Harris, and Soil is a dance theater trio with performers from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Photography > Michael is working on Nu Tong Gin Khao, a photo essay with dancer Waewdao Sirisook about contemporary northern Thai cultural identity, and ongoing documentary projects about northern Thai faun pii (spirit dance) and also nightlife in the Sukhimvit area of Bangkok.

Educational and Scholarly work > Michael has just begun a year as artist-in-residence and adjunct faculty for the theater program at Bangkok University, teaching devised performance and physical acting, developing and touring new works, and cultivating academic relationships with other performing arts schools.

Michael’s PhD, “An Empty Room: Butoh Performance and the Social Body in Crisis,” theorizing on butoh, democracy, and sustainability, was just reviewed on the website, Dissertation Reviews. (click here)

Crisis movement training > Michael is continuing his development of a butoh-based training method for crisis resolution and working with different student populations and communities. Workshops so far in Indonesia, Thailand, and throughout the USA.

My work addresses the subconscious through disturbing, iconic, yet highly emotional imagery as well as concrete details, often via fictional characters fully contextualized within history, culture and language. I attempt to present an attraction to both passionate intellectual discourse and wistful, surreal experience, lying between mythically pop, collagist subversion and haunting, surreal dreamscapes. I attempt to create complex structures common in western contemporary performance art and dance theater and filter them through a raw, primal, improvisational movement of traditional butoh.

Working in exhibition and public spaces, my interdisciplinary works attempt to subvert mainstream intellectual notions of authenticity, knowledge and culture via fictionalized environments and visceral imagery. For over a decade, I have created numerous works in both performance and visual art that revel in, question and , hopefully, subvert many of our deeply-held beliefs based in pop culture and media, such as cinema, television, music and advertising, peering into the “soul” of given socio-cultural constructs.

My work is also multicultural and international without an overt political agenda. I have created over a dozen performances caught in an absurdist, dialectic purgatory between East and West.